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Discover the best pumps for inflatable kayaks in our comprehensive guide. From electric to manual options, find the perfect pump for your kayaking adventures.


When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors on the water, inflatable kayaks have become increasingly popular due to their portability, convenience, and versatility. However, to fully appreciate the benefits of an inflatable kayak, you need the right pump to quickly and efficiently inflate it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best pumps for inflatable kayaks, taking into consideration various factors such as pump type, valve compatibility, discharge volume, and PSI.

Understanding the Different Pump Types

Adding the right pump in your inflatable kayak accessories is crucial, and there are several types to choose from. Each type has its own set of advantages and considerations, so let’s dive into the options:

1. Hand Air Pump:

Hand air pumps are compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly. They require manual effort to pump air into your kayak. While they may take a bit of time and muscle power, they are a portable option perfect for those on a budget. Some popular hand air pumps include the AIRHEAD Watersports Double Action Hand Pump and the ADVANCED ELEMENTS Double Action Hand Pump.

2. Foot Air Pump:

Foot air pumps are designed for those who want to conserve their arm strength. These pumps are also compact and relatively affordable. You use your foot to pump air, which can make the inflating process faster and more comfortable.

3. Electric Air Pump:

For the quickest and easiest inflation, an electric air pump is the way to go. These pumps are more expensive but incredibly efficient, inflating your kayak in just minutes. Many electric pumps offer auto-shutoff features to prevent overinflation and protect your kayak. Highly recommended electric air pumps include the OutdoorMaster Shark II and the OutdoorMaster Whale Pump.

Types of Pumps to Avoid

Equally important as choosing the right pump is knowing which pumps to avoid using on your inflatable kayak. Using the wrong pump can result in damage to your kayak and a ruined day on the water. Here are two types of pumps you should steer clear of:

1. Tire Pumps

Never use a tire pump for inflating your kayak. Tire pumps are designed for high-pressure tires and are not suitable for inflatable kayaks, which require significantly less pressure. Using a tire pump can lead to overinflation and potential damage to your kayak.

2. Air Compressors

Traditional air compressor pumps are not the best choice for your kayak. While they may work for other inflatables, they can easily overfill your kayak and potentially cause chamber damage.

Stick to the recommended pump types mentioned earlier to ensure a safe and efficient inflating process.

Valve Compatibility Matters

Before purchasing a pump, take a close look at the valves on your inflatable kayak. There are three common types of valves: pinch valves, Boston valves, and military valves. It’s essential to ensure that the pump you choose is compatible with the valves on your kayak. Some pumps come with multiple valve attachments, providing versatility to accommodate various kayak types.

Discharge Volume and PSI Considerations

Two critical factors to consider when selecting a pump are discharge volume and PSI (pounds per square inch):

1. Discharge Volume

Discharge volume refers to the amount of air a pump can move per minute. A higher discharge volume means a faster inflation time. If you want to minimize the time spent inflating your kayak, look for a pump with a higher discharge volume.

2. PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

PSI is a measure of air pressure. Different inflatable kayaks require different PSI levels for proper inflation. Make sure the pump you choose can reach the required PSI for your kayak. Most inflatable kayak models provide recommended PSI levels.

The Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks

Now that you have a solid understanding of the types of pumps and what to avoid, let’s delve into some of the best pumps for inflatable kayaks available on the market:

PumpPrice WeightTypeMax. PressureCheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubADVANCE ELEMENTS Double Action Pump$39‎16 OuncesHand15 PSICheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubIntex Double Quick Hand Pump$19‎2.2 PoundsHand8 PSICheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubAIRHEAD Foot Pump$262.1 PoundsFoot2 PSICheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubWOW Sports Inflatable Air Pump$171.6 PoundsFoot2 PSICheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubTuomico High Pressure Electric Air Pump$79‎4 PoundsElectric20 PSICheck Price
Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks HubOutdoorMaster High Pressure Air Pump$1073.6 PoundsElectric20 PSICheck Price

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub


  • Item Weight: ‎16 Ounces
  • Type: Hand Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 15 PSI

The ADVANCED ELEMENTS Double Action Pump with Pressure Gauge is a versatile and reliable pump for inflating and deflating various inflatable items. This lightweight pump offers a high-flow inflation process with a double-action feature, making it efficient for both the up and down strokes. It comes with multiple adaptors, ensuring compatibility with different valves and inflatables. The built-in pressure gauge provides accuracy, ensuring precise inflation levels. Its durability and ease of use have received positive feedback.

This pump is particularly ideal for inflatable kayaks and other water sports equipment. While the gauge may have some limitations, investing in a digital gauge can enhance accuracy for smaller pressure readings. Overall, it’s a solid investment for all-around inflation needs.

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub

Intex Double Quick Hand Pump

  • Item Weight: ‎2.2 Pounds
  • Type: Hand Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 8 PSI

The Intex Double Quick Hand Pump is a versatile and efficient inflatable accessory that has garnered high praise from users. With a TUV NORD-approved design, this pump offers convenience and portability, making it a must-have for various outdoor activities. Its dual-action pumping capability ensures rapid inflation and deflation, saving you time and effort. The package includes a shelf storage box, an accordion hose with three nozzles, and a needle, suitable for inflating small, medium, and large air valves.

Users have lauded its reliability, mentioning how it eliminates the need for batteries and cords, making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. While its size might pose some challenges in terms of storage, its performance outweighs any minor inconveniences. Whether it’s inflating air mattresses, pool toys, or even kayaks, this Intex hand pump is a game-changer, delivering fast and efficient results that leave users impressed and satisfied.

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub


  • Item Weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Type: Foot Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 2 PSI

The AIRHEAD Foot Pump in striking yellow and black color is a versatile, manual inflation tool perfect for various outdoor activities especially kayaking. It’s crafted from durable aluminum and boasts a 54″ long hose with three adaptable nozzles to fit most valve types. Whether inflating inflatable kayaks or any other relating to it, this pump delivers efficient results with a bellows action design. Compact and collapsible for convenient storage under seats, it’s an ideal choice for kayaking trips, ensuring you won’t drain your battery.

While it may slide on kayak surfaces due to its hard plastic build, a simple fix with a towel solves that issue. The pump’s reliability shines through, even in saltwater conditions. Its ability to switch the hose between intake and outtake facilitates deflation as well. This affordable foot pump provides excellent value and ease of use for all your inflatable needs, making it a wise investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub

WOW Sports Inflatable Air Pump

  • Item Weight: ‎1.6 Pounds
  • Type: Foot Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 2 PSI

The WOW Sports Inflatable Air Pump is a powerful and efficient tool for inflating and deflating various items. Its dynamic foot pump delivers air pressure rapidly, surpassing other inflatable pumps on the market. The high-impact footplate is not only easy to use but also sturdy, ensuring quick and efficient inflation and deflation. With a flexible hose and two additional valve adapters, this pump enhances its versatility and performance.

The textured surface on the footplate provides a secure grip, making it safe to use. This lightweight and portable air pump are perfect for inflating and deflating kayaks. It’s a high-performance tool that simplifies your inflation and deflating tasks.

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub

Tuomico High Pressure Electric Air Pump

  • Item Weight: ‎4 Pounds
  • Type: Electric Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 20 PSI

The Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump is a game-changer for inflating your paddle boards, boats, and more. With a maximum pressure of 20 PSI, it quickly inflates and deflates high-pressure inflatables, making the task a breeze. The digital LCD screen ensures precision with pressure accuracy down to 0.01 PSI, and it automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached.

The pump comes with 5 universal valve adapters, and the 11.2-foot DC car power cord makes it convenient to use anywhere. Although it can be a bit loud during high-pressure mode, its efficiency and ease of use outweigh the minor noise inconvenience.

Best Pumps for Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | Kayaks Hub

OutdoorMaster High Pressure Air Pump

  • Item Weight: ‎3.6 Pounds
  • Type: Electric Pump
  • Maximum Pressure: 20 PSI

The OutdoorMaster 20PSI High Pressure SUP Air Pump, also known as “The Shark,” is a game-changing accessory for inflating your paddle boards and other inflatables. With an active cooling system, it can inflate up to 20 PSI, making it suitable for multiple boards in a row. This dual-stage pump offers rapid inflation at 350L/min and then switches to maximum pressure at 70L/min, automatically turning off when your desired pressure is reached.

It’s equipped with a 12V DC car connector, a full set of nozzles, and a digital display for easy pressure monitoring. While it’s a bit noisy and can get warm during high-pressure inflation, its efficiency and reliability make it a valuable investment for effortless inflation and deflation of your equipment.


Inflatable kayaks offer a fantastic way to enjoy the water, and choosing the right pump is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether you opt for an electric pump for convenience or a manual pump for simplicity, ensure compatibility with your kayak’s valves and consider factors like discharge volume and PSI requirements. With the best pump for your inflatable kayak, you’ll be ready to embark on your aquatic adventures with ease and confidence.


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