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When it comes to finding the perfect kayak that combines the “portability of an inflatable” with the “performance of a hard-shell”, the Wilderness Systems iATAK 110 stands out. We will review the Wilderness Systems iATAK 110 to show you detail of its technology.

Length132 inches
Width38 inches
Weight44 Pounds
Capacity‎650 Pounds
Wilderness Systems iATAK 110 Kayak Specs

This kayak is not just another inflatable, but rather a kayak that is aimed at challenging traditional hard-shell kayaks.

Just think of an inflatable kayak which can be easily transported but at the same time does not lack stability, tracking or durability. The iATAK 110 comes with a drop-stitch construction that provides the durability and feel of a hard-shell and is ideal for the recreational paddler and the fisherman.

This kayak will serve you well because it is very stable and smooth. And with its easy setup, numerous accessories, and the accessibility to stand and fish, it is perfect for fisher.

Unboxing and Initial Setup

When you unpack the iATAK 110, you will discover several items that come with it packed very well. The kayak has an aluminum rail for the seat and foot brace, a manual pump, an electric pump, a repair kit, and a carrying case on wheels. All the necessary tools for assembly are packed in the box and you do not need anything extra to begin with.

The carrying case is a standout feature, designed with backpack straps, a mesh pouch, and ample storage space. It is also suitable for carrying the kayak to more secluded areas. It also has wheels for ease of maneuvering on paved surfaces although it is not as efficient as the brand’s rolling duffel.

At first glance, the iATAK 110 appears to be a solidly constructed, well-designed portable speaker. The kayak itself is very portable and yet very strong and can be used in different water environments. It is easy to set up initially and you will also find it convenient how each part can be placed back into the bag for storage.

Design and Build

The iATAK 110 is made with drop-stitch technology that makes it possible to inflate it to a high pressure of between 10 and 14 PSI for rigidity. This technology provides the kayak with the rigidity of a hard-shell kayak, but still remains as convenience as an inflatable model.

The kayak is made of high quality materials which are intended to be safe from rocks, sticks and other dangers. This includes heavy duty tie-offs and reinforced pads to make the unit as durable as possible to withstand harsh conditions.

This is a lightweight bag that only weighs 44 lbs, thus making it easy to carry around especially for long distances. It is very portable due to the lightweight structure and the carrying bag to ensure it is easy to transport or store in a car when heading to the deep fishing areas.

Detailed Features Wilderness Systems iATAK 110

The iATAK 110 has handlebar on the front, rear and sides thus one can carry the kayak alone or with the help of a partner. These handles are specifically designed to be strong enough to support the weight of the kayak and other items.

The kayak has several points to secure and tie down as well as having storage spaces. It has loops and bungees at front and rear for you to tether your paddle or other accessories. The large storage area at the back is ideal for a cooler or even a tackle box, thus providing ample space for all your gear.

There are accessory mounts on the iATAK 110; two on each side and one in the middle, which means there are many possibilities to choose from. The foot pegs are operational and can be adjusted to suit the rider’s desire and can be easily removed to fit the carry bag. You will also see the action camera mounts on the kayak.

One of the distinguishable feature of the iATAK 110 is its seat. It is made of a lightweight fabric and is as comfortable as one can imagine. The seat can be easily lifted and converted into a shooting stand, which makes the boat ideal for sight fishing. There is also a storage area under the seat where the dry box can be placed to secure your belongings.


Inflation and Deflation

This model has a manual pump and an electric pump as a feature of the iATAK series. The manual pump is sturdy and is provided with a pressure gauge on the top which helps the user to regulate the pressure while inflating. There is single action or double action with a valve on the pump as the options to select from. The electric pump is very convenient and is battery operated, thus making it easy to inflate the balloons.

The iATAK 110 is easy to inflate due to the presence of the inflation port that has clear markings. For the kayak to perform best, you have to pump it up to 10-14 pounds per square inch. This is due to the fact that the construction of the kayak is done through the drop-stitch system, which gives it a firm and stable feel even when it is inflated to high pressures.

To deflate the kayak is as simple as inflating it, though it requires a little more time. Just twist the little caps and press the white button and the kayak will deflate in a few minutes. When deflated, the roller can be rolled and placed back in the carrying bag that comes with the product. The entire process is very streamlined and easy so that you can quickly and easily get everything packed up and leave.

Performance on the Water

When you are on the water with the iATAK 110, you will appreciate the performance of this device. This is a fast and agile kayak which is ideal for use in the shallow waters such as creeks and backwater. The use of drop-stitch material provides a high pressure drop-stitch construction that makes the board rigid and provides impressive speed and efficient paddling. You will also be able to spin and twist in any direction with a lot of ease, especially in the confined spaces, and this makes it possible for you to access areas that other kayaks cannot.

Another important aspect of the iATAK 110 is its tracking and steadiness which are simply unparalleled. This kayak is easy to maneuver due to the design and construction and thus, it is suitable for longer trips that require minimal deviation from the straight course. The stability is excellent, making you feel at ease when you stand and cast your line without the canoe flipping over. In flat water or small rapids, the iATAK 110 offers a strong and stable experience that will be appreciated by anyone who takes it out.

The iATAK 110 is a versatile kayak that offers excellent performance in different water conditions. This kayak can be used on flat water, moving water, or salt water, and is perfect for the recreational paddler who may use the kayak in a variety of environments. It is relatively lighter and stronger, which makes it possible to maneuver through rough waters without compromising on its efficiency. The inflatable design of the kayak makes it safer to use than a hard-shell since it can easily absorb the force of impact in various terrains.

Fishing and Accessory Integration

As for the lovers of fishing, the iATAK 110 is equipped with the functions that will turn this gadget into a dream of each angler. The kayak also has several rod holders so you can conveniently store your fishing rods and ensure they do not get in the way. Also, there are dedicated mounts for fish finders, which means that you can quickly install any preferred fishing electronics. This integration makes it easy for you to have all the necessities for a good fishing experience within your reach.

The iATAK 110 has enough compartments and pockets for all your fishing equipment and other stuff. There is ample storage space at the rear for a cooler or a tackle box and the tie down and bungee cords offer extra storage space. There are also other small pockets for storage of other small items such as keys, phones and foods. This thoughtful design makes it possible for you to find your gear easily and have them within your reach making the fishing experience even better.

Another interesting feature of the iATAK 110 is the possibility of changing the position of the seat into a standing one. This is very advantageous especially for sight fishing as it provides you with a higher ground to look for fish in the water. The stability of the kayak does not waver and one can stand up and cast as they desire, which makes it easier to spot and catch specific fish.


Maintenance and Repairs

As for the maintenance, the iATAK 110 is equipped with a repair kit that contains all the necessary tools for repairing small damages. This kit is very simple to use and the guidelines that are given are very understandable. For instance, if you experience any punctures or leakage, you can easily fix them and continue with your water activities without any difficulty.

It is very easy to keep your iATAK 110 in good working order without the need for frequent repairs. It is also necessary to wash the kayak after each use in order to eliminate any dirt, debris, or saltwater that may have accumulated. A simple washing with running water and a gentle soap will be sufficient for this task.

It is also important to ensure that you have dried your kayak before you store it as this will help you avoid mold and mildew. The material dries quickly, so you can pack up the items quickly and don’t have to spend a long time cleaning the equipment.

Regarding the storage, the iATAK 110 is small and easy to store, especially if it is used for long-term storage. After deflation, one can roll it up and pack it into the carrying bag that is provided for it. It is recommended that the bag should be kept in a cool and dry area, preferably where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight in order to avoid any harm to the material. If you follow these steps you will be able to maintain your kayak and keep it in great shape for a long time.

Comparison with Other Models

Hard-Shell vs. Inflatable Kayaks

When comparing the iATAK 110 to traditional hard-shell kayaks, there are several factors to consider. Hard-shell kayaks tend to be more rigid and may offer slightly better performance in certain conditions. However, they are also heavier and more challenging to transport. The iATAK 110, with its inflatable design, provides a perfect balance of rigidity and portability, making it a versatile choice for various activities.

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Similar Models in the Market

In the market of inflatable kayaks, the iATAK 110 stands out for its quality and features. While there are other models available, few offer the same level of performance and convenience. Competitors may have similar designs, but the attention to detail and robust construction of the iATAK 110 set it apart.


  • Weighs only 45 pounds and is easily transportable, fitting into a compact box for storage and travel.
  • Dual-chamber construction and drop-stitch technology provide excellent stability, suitable for standing and fishing.
  • Supports various fishing and recreational accessories, enhancing its functionality.
  • The seat is comfortable and supportive, ideal for long trips.


  • It is expensive for an inflatable kayak.
  • Difficult to dry completely and lacks a drain plug.
  • The adjustable footrests can be tricky to use and may not be durable long-term.
  • At 50+ pounds with all gear, it may not be ideal for hiking and floating down rivers.

Final Thoughts

The Wilderness Systems iATAK 110 is a testament to the advancements in inflatable kayak technology. It combines the portability and convenience of an inflatable model with the performance and durability typically associated with hard-shell kayaks. By choosing this kayak, you are investing in a reliable and versatile vessel that will enhance your kayaking adventures​.


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